How do I get AvPlan EFB onto a new device? How can I sign out from an old device?


If you wish to retire AvPlan EFB from an old device and start using it on a new device, you can simply Sign Out from the old device and then Sign In on the newer one. 

Your new Sign In uses the exact same credentials as your old one (i.e. the same username- your email address- and password as before).

The steps are ideally as follows:


  1. Set up your new device. I.e. download AvPlan EFB, sign in, sync your aircraft and plans across: (Flight plans and aircraft data will have synced to our servers if you have had  Syncing turned on on the old device, and will automatically sync to your new device after Sign In provided syncing is turned on there also).  
  2. Share (by email or AirDrop) any User Waypoint data that you wish to transfer from the old device. 
  3. Sign Out from AvPlan on the old device - go to Settings>User Settings>Username and "Sign out".
  4. Now the AvPlan servers will know that you have freed up a "slot" for a third device, so when you Sign In on the new one you won't get a warning.
  5. Now if you had emailed or Airdropped the user waypoints, you can open that email (or file shared via airdrop) on the new device and load the waypoints into AvPlan.
  6. If you wish,  you can now delete AvPlan on the old device to free up space.

Note that signing out from your old device is not a requirement unless you have reached the three-device limit and wish to run AvPlan on what would have been a fourth device.

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